Monday, April 23, 2018

Aliens May Be Trapped On Their Planets

The notion that aliens are real is not new. With the discovery of planets in the Goldilocks Zone around stars, it's looking more likely that habitable planets are a little more common than we originally thought. This brings about the discussion of aliens. Surely, these planets house alien life. If the planets are habitable, shouldn't aliens be populated across the landscape? Maybe even have a space agency of their own? Flying saucers? And if they do exist, why don't we see more evidence out in space?

Could it be because they can't make it off their own planet?

Super-Earth planets, when discovered, are absolutely massive. They exist within the habitual range from their star, yet they can range in size up to 10x the size of Earth. This means that the gravity on those planets would be astronomically larger than our own. The amount of power required to get into space from those planets would be incredibly high. On a Super-Earth, we would need to have a mass of about 440,000 tons due to fuel requirements in order to escape the atmosphere. That's a little more than the weight of the Empire State Building.

"On more-massive planets, spaceflight would be exponentially more expensive," said study author Michael Hippke, an independent researcher affiliated with the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany. "Civilizations from Super-Earths are much less likely to explore the stars. Instead, they would be to some extent arrested on their home planet and, for example, make more use of lasers or radio telescopes for interstellar communication instead of sending probes or spaceships."

Therefore, it is theorized that these Aliens - if they do exist - might be stuck on their home-world due to the required power to achieve an escape velocity off of their planet. This however takes into consideration what we have, such as our fuel, our materials, and our designs. As of right now, evidence that Aliens exist flying around in space is grim. The only "evidence" that we have is accounts of flying saucers, lights, and shapes in the sky. If Aliens do exist, and they live on Super-Earths, then one of two possibilities may be true.

1). They haven't made it off their planet yet, but have developed other means of transport and communication.

2). They have made it off due to a leap forward in technological advancement and are far more advanced then us.

If the 2nd outcome is true, then we may be in trouble. The Aliens with that technology outclass anything we have, and would just roll over us. That or our government has already made contact with them and isn't telling us anything (that's a whole topic for another day). If the 1st outcome is true, it could explain why we really don't see much of Alien life in space. They can't make it off of their worlds due to an immense gravitational pull down. They don't have the capability to build spacecraft that could propel them into the edges of space. All they can do is broadcast radio waves into space, or rely on some other form of communication.

We as humans are very fortunate to live on a small planet like Earth. We can still put rockets and objects into space without using monolithic spacecraft. We have sent satellites into deep space, past the edge of our solar system. We might be the first species to do something like this if Aliens live on Super-Earths. Who knows, maybe in a couple of hundred years when we have spacecraft capable of interstellar and interplanetary travel, we will be the "Aliens" with crazy "UFOs" that other Alien species see and form conspiracy theories about.

The article written on Super-Earths can be found here:

The paper that Michael Hippke wrote on this topic can be viewed and downloaded here:

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